Opie Taylor

opieOpie Taylor was the name of the character played by Ronny Howard on The Andy Griffith Show, an American sitcom of the 1960s on the CBS television network. Opie was the son of Sheriff Andy Taylor and lived in the small North Carolina town of Mayberry. When not visiting his father and Deputy Barney Fife down at the courthouse, he had fun with his friends Johnny Paul Jason, Howie Pruitt and Tray Bowden.

One time the four boys find themselves in trouble when they try to sell Miracle Salve to the citizens of Mayberry. Not only do they have little success selling the salve, the people at the Miracle Salve company refuse to take it back. The boys enlist the help of Barney and Gomer Pyle, who disguised as “Dr. Pindyke” and “Opie Taylor Sr.” manage to get the boys out of the situation.

Opie’s teacher at school is Helen Crump. Over the course of the show she becomes his father’s girlfriend.

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